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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We do a lot of presales on shirts that can't be shipped right away when sold. It would be nice if we could select orders from any list of orders and send an email to those customers. It would just be another action at the top of an order table like hold until, mark as shipped, etc. It would open a dialog that would allow us to put in a subject and a body for an email to update the customers about the status of the items they have ordered. This would cut down on a LOT of support emails if we could easily message to these people on a regular basis while they are waiting on their order to ship.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi product team - can you provide any updates on being able to email customers things like: "Bill - thanks for your order is due to ship on Tuesday" "here's the copy of that invoice you requested since Shipworks doesn't let sellers show pricing on shipment emails" "Dear customer - I am wanting to inform you that your order has multiple tracking numbers since it shipped from various locations. My current shipment manager, ShipStaion, only lets me show one tracking number on the order, so I wanted to reach out to you and make you aware of this so you don't freak out" "Hello Jane - thanks for your order. Here is that commercial invoice you needed in order for your order to pass through customs in Indonesia" "Bob - here is a copy of your revised order. We only had two of these in stock instead of the three units that you ordered. The tracking number will follow in another message tomorrow". I would love to be able to send custom emails through Shipstation - yo whassup with you guys? Whatcha thinkin about in Austin? Thanks for taking all of your time to roll out really important things like testing fancy fonts and popular things like Bandcamp and Cin7 June 2017|June Monthly Round-Up "We could brag about how much testing we put into it or the fancy fonts we chose, such as Roboto and Adelle Sans. But what you probably care more about are the results and the fact that lower case i’s and l’s really look differently now".
First-timer (legacy)
We want to send emails to customers for each stage of the manufacturing process (which is how we use your tag system). Every time a tag is updated, the customer gets an email stating "your order is now in production", "your order is now awaiting pick up", etc. As others have noted, at the moment the system is able to automate emails only when imported. If automation was also able to be manually run, that would be huge. Could be done one of two ways: 1. Run automations that are email related every time order sync. So if we need emails to go urgently, we just re-sync. 2. Just add a button next to they sync button "Run Automations", or "Run Manual Automations"
First-timer (legacy)
Any decisions been made on this? It’s desparat needed
First-timer (legacy)
Any update?
Status changed to: Under Review