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Hello! We would like to be able to enter more than one customer email address to receive notifications when creating orders in ShipStation. This would be incredibly helpful when there are multiple individuals who would like to receive tracking (i.e. a shop owner + a shop manager/buyer). Email addresses could be separated with a "comma". We would love this feature to be added. Thank you!
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I just tested the commas and it worked! Wooooo! Would love to be directed to some verbiage on SS Help site that mentions this!



I'm thrilled to hear this worked out for you! I double checked the documentation myself, and I only see a direct mention of doing this at a store level not at an order level. With that in mind, I've sent in a request to update our knowledge base with this information. 


@IDScan, thanks again! This is the power of the community, collective knowledge to continue the push forward! 

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Glad to pass on any knowledge we have gained over the years of using ShipStation. 

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You all are amazing! Thank you! We've been using SS since 2019 and have grown so glad I stumbled across this. 

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Picasso -

When you tested this, did you put your email as the first email? Adding your email to the end of the list will still it to you.

When I added my email as the first email in the list, I did not receive the shipment notification.



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Yes I did our business e-mail first, and then 2 personal e-mail addresses separated by commas after. For the test, I pushed the notifications manually since we have our tracking notifications set to go out at 6 PM. 


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Anyone ever do a customer import with multiple e-mail addresses? When I did it with 3 e-mails they got cut off in the address book/customer list. Most of our jobs are custom and manually input, so multiple location shipments are tricky.

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I am having this same issue - only the last email in a comma separated list receives the notification email. 

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This did not work for me.  I created a "New Order" on the fly (not from one of our ecommerce sites.)

I placed a comma (,) immediately after the order email address and then a space and then the 2nd email address.  The shipping label will not print and gives me an error "ShipTo EmailAddress is an invalid format".  If I remove the 2nd email address and comma, it goes through without a problem

What is the solution?

We have customers that request details be emailed to multiple addresses, and so far, I cannot do this in ShipStation.