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Amazon now says they are telling us that

Because this customer is


A bit dishonest They got it but tell Amazon they didn’t for many orders


Lives in a multi unit residence place, high rise or dorm, where there is an open Mail room and anyone can take the package


Lives in a condo housing or apt complex with many letter numbers for the same street address


Lives in a neighborhood where packages go missing a lot

And they show this on the order. And they tell us if we use Amazon shipping so we can’t get an A to Z claim loss and fail to ask for a signature required ups label then the loss is on us

This morning we looked at the 3 day weekend Amazon orders hundreds and we had to view each one in turn looking for the signature strongly recommended message. We found 2 and now we use the aamzon label with signature required

It would be good if you would import that message and red flag if for us on ShipStation so we ask ShipStation to make sig required ups label