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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We currently import our orders using a CSV to Shipstation from our internal database. 95% of our orders are standard "kit" configurations consisting of two boxes with the same dimensions and weights each time. We always ship these orders via Fedex. It would be very helpful to be able to configure the order using two boxes in bulk for these orders. Upon researching this capability, it appears that it is possible to configure and apply a preset in bulk, but the preset only allows one box (not multiple ones). There is a package set feature that allows multiple boxes to be configured, but a package set cannot be applied in bulk to multiple orders.
Occasional Contributor
Allow orders with multi-box needs to be updated in a bulk manner. We process 100s of orders daily with the same SKU and that SKU needs 2 boxes to be shipped. We currently need to touch each order separately to choose the multi box configuration. One bulk update on all orders in this situation would save hours of processing!
First-timer (legacy)
We have recently changed our packaging meaning that 2 items which used to fit inside a box together no longer do. These items are frequently bought together so now I need to create multiple packages so they ship together. I would like ship station to consider having a bulk update option or automation for multiple package options so that it is easier to update the batches rather than adding the extra packages 1 by 1. It would be a major time saver for us!
First-timer (legacy)
is this available yet?
First-timer (legacy)
HELLO @ShipStation?!
First-timer (legacy)
There is no dropdown to select presets in multi-package shipments when there are more than one package of DIFFERING weights and dimensions. Could another dropdown be added to "add preset"? Thanks! Alex
Status changed to: Under Review

Please add this! Very needed feature.


Please allow orders with multibox needs to be updated in a bulk manner because if we individually so it cost us time.


We really need this feature!  Any update?


For real, would be a really nice feature to have.