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Scenario - An order for 10 of a single product, lets say a bucket, comes into our ShipStation account. Normally when someone orders 1 bucket we ship it out in a package of X,Y,Z dimensions and L weight. When any multiple of this product is ordered we would just add another package of the same dims and weight to the shipment. So, an order for 10 buckets would have 10 packages. 


Currently, in ShipStation when this happens we have to go into the order and manually add each package to this order using the Duplicate feature. We can set up "package sets" to speed up the process a little but with hundreds of products that can be ordered in limitless varieties of quantities that would become unsustainable fast. 


Suggested Feature - It would be beneficial if ShipStation could automatically recognize orders that contain more than 1 qty of a product and simply duplicate the number of preconfigured packages to match the qty ordered (10 buckets is 10 packages, 7 buckets is 7 packages, etc...). ShipStation currently saves and applies package dims and weights for orders with only 1 product ("Shipping Defaults" feature) so automatically duplicating the default package to match the QTY ordered seems like the way to make this happen. 


Additional Feature - Another feature that could help resolve this would be to be able to associate "Package Sets" to products automatically. So we could configure a package set for 7 buckets to automatically apply to orders imported with 7 buckets. This would still require us to create a large number of package sets but it wouldn't require users to scroll through hundreds of them to find and apply the right one to the order. 



New Contributor

Also a first-timer. I’ve got the same issue. I assumed that we would be able to set a max weight or maximum number of an item per box. For instance, I have custom boxes for orders of 1,2,3,4,and 5. If a customer orders 12, I was hoping ShipStation would automatically create 2 boxes of 5 and 1 box of 2 for the shipment. We get orders of 1 to 100 of a single item. I don’t want to manually create package sets for 100 options.


Your system allows for an order to be broken into multiple boxes, but there is no automation for this.  It's a huge oversight.  Why wouldn't you allow this?


YES! I just submitted a post about this as well. This is very much needed. I agree it's a huge oversight for a shipping software. 

ShipStation, please do this ASAP!