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Hi- We often times have back orders but can ship partial shipments. Would love the ability for Shipstation to automatically split orders for us based on rules.
New Contributor

This would make a significant improvement to the time we spend manually splitting orders for items that were ordered on pre-order or backorder.  Looks like a large number of people in this community are all for it.  What is the status of getting this done?

Occasional Contributor

@david7 @Unfortunately they have made no effort to add this functionality. ShipStaion has no interest in bettering the platform. They can’t even resolve support requests and they make no effort to even reach back out to see if the problem was resolved in a timely manner. The average reach out timeframe for support is 15 days. 

Hey there, 


Thank you for showing your interest in this new feature idea! While I don't have an ETA for release at this time, I know that we have this feedback in mind as we continue to push forward with the platform. 


Thank you for being patient!

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Thank you @Moderator-Davis .  Glad to hear your dev team is considering this feature, however it is a bit concerning that this request was brought up over 3 years ago with hundreds of other users agreeing this feature would be extremely beneficial to their workflow, and SS has still not been able to develop a solution.  Hopefully something gets moving soon on this.

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Are there any updates available for this feature?

Occasional Contributor

Once again SS dropped the ball...