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Hi- We often times have back orders but can ship partial shipments. Would love the ability for Shipstation to automatically split orders for us based on rules.
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We need need need this.
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WOOOOOOO Let's get this going!!!
I don't speak for the brand or company, but our salon furniture business recently linked up with ShipperHQ - they have advanced shipping rates and dimensional packaging, so we are going to try that workaround - will update with any word on if it works to solve this for us. We ship 30 lb boxes with lighting furniture inside, so every sku that is ordered needs its own box. if susie buys 3 of the same color then it goes into shipstation as one package without hand-splitting. Hoping ShipperHQ can help us design a rule that will let us give rates based on dimensional shipping/multi-orders so they come through from shopify with the correct number of items appearing each individually before it even hits shipstation's automations. WISH ME LUCK FOLKS, If we can set it up, I will TOTALLY share the deets. Also would love any input on others trying new solutions!
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It has been very surprising that Ship Station has not worked harder to implement this as it really would not be that technically difficult considering the other automation that they have. Our Solution: Our issue initially was that we have two warehouses, two shipstation accounts in different countries, and two wesbties. Each website offered the entire product selection from both warehouses, and sometimes the warehouses would carry the same product Skus. Our inventory management was lacking, so we had initially been adding prefixes to the Skus to denote which warehouse was supposed to ship the order. Then all orders were going into both ship station accounts, and the orders would be split/cancelled depending on which warehouse was supposed to ship the product. Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous and it was. But it was our first workaround attempt at figuring this all out. We operate on Shopify, and after much trial and error we found an inventory management system called "Duoplane" that solved our problem. Basically, the orders go from shopify to Duoplane. Duoplane knows where all of the products are located, and then creates a new PO for each warehouse and sends the appropriate items to be shipped by their associated warehouse. Duoplane's owner is very technically savy, and could likely help out with many of the issues noted here. I imagine that certain rules may be set up in duoplane to clump only certain products together on a single PO, or make every item on the Shopify order a separate PO when sent to Ship Station. This would automatically show it as three separate shippable orders in shipstation without any manual splitting. I hope this helps someone!
Would LOVE to have a Auto split feature!! I may check out Duoplane and ShipperHQ. as recommended by other users. Thanks!
Hey ShipStation Fam, Splitting orders based on product rules is definitely a key need. This is something that my team at Agentic AI has solved for some enterprise level clients using the ShipStation API and a custom Node.js application. I made a video demonstrating this functionality and explaining the mechanics of how to automatically split orders - The exact code for the app that I use in this video is here - Feel free to use this code as a foundation for your own business needs - it is open source. If this is something that you would like some help with - we can build and maintain an app that acts as an automated agent to perform these order splitting tasks (and whatever else you can think of too). Thanks! Austin
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Here we are... still 4 years later and STILL waiting.... ShipStaton anyday now...


We would use this to automatically split up shipments that :

A. Have back-ordered products, so we can partial ship an order 

B. Need multiple labels (ie. a 6pk box is standard for our product, but if a customer orders qty 8, we have to split the shipment to get two labels since they will not fit in one box, the inability to automate this is what keeps us from using Shipstation for all our clients)