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Would be a huge benefit if there was a way to automate orders from the same customer in the same store to one order. Example:

John Smith places an order of 1 apple at 11am. 

order go to shipstation

John Smith places an order of 3 oranges at 3pm 

orders goes to ship station

at 5pm we batch and ship orders. And John smith gets 2 shipments and not just 1 with everything in it.

This I know can be fixed manually. But when you have hundreds of orders a day you cannot catch them and than we end up shipping 2 packages instead of combined orders into 1 shipment.


So it would be great if there is an automation a basic "if/than" code whereas IF John Smith has an unfulfilled order from Store1 and John Smith. comes in with another order at a different time THAN we combine shipments together

This automation rule or a simple preset that we can toggle on and off would be very helpful

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PLEASE fix this!!!!!