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I get a lot of orders that are net 30 days pay - so when they appear in Shipstation I have to mark them '0' paid to be able to ship.  The automation rules only apply to paid orders. So I have to reprocess the automation rules.


Two possible changes

One  allow automation rules to be applied to unpaid orders

Two add a tab on the main menu to reprocess the automation rules   

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Occasional Contributor

Hi Joem1,


A workaround I found for this issue is changing the status's that are imported from your selling channel. For our system I changed "pending" payment orders (in marketplace connection) from importing into Awaiting payment to importing into Awaiting Shipment. To avoid orders that weren't actually paid for or put on Net 30 being fulfilled I also added a automation note & tag to said "Pending" orders that are imported now into awaiting shipment. 


Hope this helps!