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I need the ability to hide a particular SKU from all orders. My products are not all fulfilled from one place, so allowing them all to import to ShipStation could confuse the fulfillment center. I am sure I am not alone in this, so apologies if the idea has been submitted before.


I could be wrong, but this seems extremely simple to implement. ShipStation already hides all virtual/downloadable items from orders. The goal would be an automation that simply treats particular products like virtual products and causes them not to appear or factor into the cost/weight of the order.


I have been assured by support that this is currently not possible. There is an automation not to import an entire order of a particular SKU, but if someone orders that product in combination with others, this automation does not activate.

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We also would like to do this. Was told the whole song and dance about "make a suggestion on our community forum". Which is always a shot in the dark...