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Specifically it's this feature which auto updates the shipping date to the next day when there is a bank holiday -


It's currently set up to consider 28th August as a UK wide bank holiday - however, it's only an official holiday in England, Wales & Northern Ireland - in Scotland, it's not an official holiday and Royal Mail (and some other carriers) work & collect parcels as normal. 


Here's the UK Gov page that shows the different bank holidays within different parts of the UK


Only 2nd January (New years), 7th April (Good Friday), 25th December, and 26th of December are UK wide bank holidays.


So for example, yesterday (29th August) after getting everything ready for collection, I was unable to print an EOD summary, because the shipping date had been automatically changed to the 30th August - so Royal Mail weren't able to collect the parcels when they arrived. 


Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland all use the same country code so if the bank holiday feature is based on country code, I can understand that it wouldn't make sense to remove the feature - So as an alternative, can the EOD summary be fixed to allow us to close tomorrow's EOD - this would allow us to print the summary that Royal Mail need to collect the parcels.