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Status: Under Review
We have 165 international orders from a Kickstarter project (along with about 1,600 domestic). The international orders were imported WITHOUT customs information provided. It would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to "batch" add information for customs to all of these orders. Just fyi, we do not have these orders linked to "products/items." We would simply like to bulk apply information to all of these orders. Unfortunately, there is not a feature that allows me to do so with customs information. Huge pain...
First-timer (legacy)
Hi @Jeff, thanks for checking in. Have you looked into setting up your product defaults? This would automatically apply a more appropriate description every time your the product imports. Here's more information on product defaults: Alternatively, if you only sell one category of products, you can have your customs description always read as "books". Here's more on that:
First-timer (legacy)
We run a monthly subscription club, so the individual items change each month so setting up product defaults would not work. All of our international labels will be the same in one month, but each month they will change. I can do bulk customs forms in, but for some reason it is not an option in ShipStation. Doing them one by one is VERY time consuming. When will this be fixed?
This is crazy. Why are there all these bulk actions you can do, but only one is to set the customs type?!? What about price? Description? Crazy.
We regularly import huge quantities of items and need to bulk apply customs declaration description, quantity and value for thousands of items at once.
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Yes, a bulk action for adding the declared value would be soooo helpful. We are shipping out replacement parts for a board game, and they all are under $1 value and our default is $15, so if we could bulk change that, it would be so helpful.
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This would be incredibly helpful.
First-timer (legacy)
This would be extremely helpful. I am able to apply presets for almost all other aspects of an order, except for customs declarations, which involve a few fields.
Status changed to: Under Review

How is this hard to do? I used to run a web company and had programmers. Adding this function to a site would literally take about 30 minutes of coding and maybe two hours of testing to make sure it works and doesn’t break something else. Probably could even copy/paste one of the other existing bulks with minimal editing.