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On the order alerts page, when you click into the customer name that the system is suggesting to look into to possibly combine shipments .. if there's 2 different customers coming up with multiple orders and there's check mark boxes next to the orders to signify that you're to select which orders to combine .. then you select combine shipments, it would make sense that you're telling the order to only combine the orders that you selected. However, the way the page is currently set up is that ALL the orders showing up on this page is to be combined whether or not you select the check mark boxes next to the order. So the way to do this is to get out of this page and search the customer to then select the orders and hit combine shipments. 

If you're unable to select which orders on the page to combine and your only option to combine shipments is to combine ALL the shipments showing on the page even though it's not actually the same customer, then the check mark box should be removed from this view. It's confusing.