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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We would like to be able to void shipping labels directly from the mobile app. Being able to handle customer service request as such on the go would speed up our business process. Thank you
First-timer (legacy)
We currently have a customer service rep who is sometimes on the go. Whenever a customer request a order cancellation and a label has been already printed but the item has only been packaged but not mailed our customer service rep needs to call in the warehouse and request that label to be voided via our desktops due to him not being able to void the label from his mobile device. As stated if the rep is able to void the label from his mobile device that would speed up our work-flow and it would avoid mistakes between customer service and our warehouse since we have had instances where the item gets mailed before the rep can reach the warehouse and void the label. Being able to void the label from his mobile device would give him more time and more connivance to complete his other tasks.
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> 2017 > Mobile >This should be self-explanatory. Instead of voting on the idea I am going to cite your own ShipStation blog, where you post about the importance of a mobile experience having parity with the desktop experience. Here is one example:
Status changed to: Under Review