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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
A built-in returns manager would be very useful for our business. Our needs would be relatively simple, and some of this functionality already exists: 1. We would include a printed pre-paid return label with every package we ship. 2. We would be able to track open returns in ShipStation, i.e., return labels that are currently in transit 3. Unused return labels would automatically deactivate after X days for a refund 4. When we receive returns, we would mark them as "Received" in ShipStation, which would automatically send the customer 1 of 2 possible template emails: either we accept the return and will issue a refund, or the return is declined for some reason. The reason this is useful for us is because other return managers require customers using some sort of online form, and it would be nice to simply include the return documents with each shipment. Also, other return managers determine the return window based on the date of purchase (e.g., returns accepted within 30 days of purchase), rather than date of shipment -- since our handling time is anywhere from 1-3 weeks, it's better for us to start the clock when an order ships.
First-timer (legacy)
At the moment ShipStation is able to create the return label quit easy and send it to the customer. A main feature that is missing in all order management softwares is Returns and Exchanges control. In addition, at the moment you can say that the reports that comes out of ShipStation are not accurate because they do not include the returns and exchanges. At the end of the day it's very important to us to evaluate our net income (total orders and exchanges minus returns), to know our exact returns rate from each marketplace and the list can go on. Having the option to control returns and exchanges from one place and get reports that are accurate will save us lots of time, money and dealing with excel files. It will put ShipStation a big step ahead of their market as well. Thanks, Stav Antelope Inc.
Status changed to: Under Review