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New Contributor
Status: Investigating
A customer orders several products. Use the dimensions of each product to calculate the total cubic inches of the order. We can then use this information to choose the correct box size for those of us that use cubic shipping. Seems like that would be pretty simple to do!
First-timer (legacy)
This usually a standard for shipping. It's used by large companies like Amazon for their fulfillment, so it should be a tool in shipstation as well.
First-timer (legacy)
Our workflow encourages us to print labels before we package products. The ability to automate making sure we have the correct dimensional weight would be huge.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be really easy to just add DIM to the Inventory Upload so that dimension information could be added automatically to each SKU. I simply don't understand, why this has not been done, when there are thousands of companies that are charged for DIM weight not Dead weight.
Status changed to: Investigating
New Contributor

I second this! I think it would be helpful to have a way to include the package dimensions either on the packing slip OR the scan to verify and print screen based on the cubic calculation. We get a lot of multi-sku and multi-quantity orders so the product defaults don't help us as much as we would like. Does anyone have suggestions on how to accomplish this given the current ShipStation parameters?


The only workaround to this is using Intuitive Shipping which does that. It sucks to have to pay for an additional app but there it is.