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Splitting orders in to multiple shipments is one of the main features that has lured us to use ShipStation as our goto application. As it is still an option within the newer layout, however the loss of the ability to let users customize the order number after splitting an order is no longer a current feature. 


As our company is an international company. We have orders shipped from warehouses that are close to destination points in order to save shipping costs and time for our customers. Our warehouse systems have been programmed to search for small simple codes to direct the orders to be shipped out. 


Such as a code -1 will be shipped out from a warehouse located in IL, or a code -2 will be shipped out from CA just for example. 


It is great that you can split the orders, but how do you tell which warehouse to pick up what order to ship. 


The loss of this feature to customize the split order numbers has been confusing to our shipping departments, and causing more shipping delays.


If you do not see the logical reasoning of returning this helpful feature. Please create a feature where each split order can be assigned to a specific warehouse by just looking at the order number. 





Have there been any updates to having the ability to customize order numbers since your comments in November?