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Is there a way to narrow down the list of carriers when you go to mark an order as shipped, manually? It's loaded with really obscure carriers and doesn't include some that should be there, surprisingly.




New Contributor

I absolutely agree.

This is a major oversight. Many of the major carriers (like freight, particularly) are not in the list.

I'd also like to be able to add them, or at least have a "blank" option where I could type in one that isn't in the list for a particular order.
Since ShipStation does not, according to the documentation, follow up on tracking on packages that are "marked as shipped," this is just a simple text list of shippers and doesn't have any real programmatic "hooks" - it should be editable by user, IMHO. I'd be SO happy to remove all of those unnecessary courier services and just have a list of the 5-8 that I'd actually use.

I also have a beard, though it's somewhat average. But I do also love coffee, bourbon and music. What are the odds?

I will also want to remove most of these carriers. No need to scroll all the way down for USPS or UPS.



It would also be nice to limit/edit these options instore detail settings. So that I can differentiate and limit users options.

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 01.29.09.png





100% agree, Please add this functionality!

Typing the first couple of letters is very time consuming when you only need to see 3 carriers.