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In V2, there was a small hyperlink named "labels" on the "Label Batch Status: Processed" screen (which comes up after clicking a batch on the Label Queue window) which, once clicked, took us to the Batch Summary screen for that batch. 


It would be *really handy* to have an easy way to get to the Batch Summary page from the Label Queue - even a button on the Label Queue entries themselves, would in fact be an upgrade from V2.  I use the Batch Summary page to selectively print labels or an End Of Day summary form, so it's something that comes up every single day.  Currently finding the batch I just printed involves clicking Shipments -> Batches -> Processed tab -> Click the number of the batch; a huge number of clicks & three different views, to get to a page which should be IMO just 1 click from the Label Queue window on the Orders screen.