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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Auto combine feature for multi orders when they have the same shipping address.
New Contributor
I would not like this feature. We have customers that pay to ship their orders, and we cannot combine two orders if they've paid for shipping on each order.
They can make this feature optional. Just a box we can check mark if we want. During our busy season, we sometimes have people spending 10-15 minutes just combining orders together
First-timer (legacy)
I receive order alerts when two or more items are bought from the same address. That would be great to automate that. I do not want to go to order alert manually and combine shipments every single time. Please create an automation rule to combine orders from the same address.
New Contributor
I hope it gets added soon. Thanks!
Status changed to: Investigating

This would be a game-changer for us if we could do this. Adding this would allow us to offer a discount post-purchase to increase cart values.


What's most annoying about all of this. I understand how to work with API's and I can code in python. I figure out 2 simple ways this could be done on their end, using their system.


Yet, 1 variable they change from 'read-only', allowing me to merge to IDs together for one order, even though it does the same thing when two orders are combined manually.


The other was going to use the manual store, and then use eBay's api to notify what the tracking numbers where when the labels were created, but it doesn't appear their api allows for batching like their normal interface does. So it would take longer having to go through each individual label, as well as packing slip then it would be to just manually combine them anyway.


It's almost as if they want to force us to use their interface even though there to my understanding isn't any reason why either tool I have created should be able to work. Shipstation, I'm down to my last straw with this. I should haven't to combine 50 orders every Sunday night for Monday's shipments. I'm already doing too much. Please fix this.

Occasional Contributor

Wow, this "top idea" is almost 10 years old but still hasn't been implemented. As it stands right now, the system can identify some of the multiple orders placed by the same name/address orders but cannot provide a direct link from the orders page (only from the alerts page). Additionally, the V3 update doesn't add the shipping cost or the weight of the combined order and so this has to be done manually which adds even more time. 


Auto combine would save time but only if it merged all information, items, order numbers (could be added to notes), shipping weight and price paid on all orders combined. 


I personally know hundreds of women’s boutiques that use Comment Sold to ship but would love to switch to shipstation however they cannot because of the need to combine orders in bulk. My wife has to do the vast majority of her shipping in Comment Sold because of this feature missing as well. It’s extremely frustrating that management would not allow this feature to exist. And for those who do not want to have this functionality they can turn it off. 

n comment sold we initiate the combine order each day we are shipping. If we don’t want to combine the orders then we don’t