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Status: New

Requesting a total redo of how returns are viewed as both the Shipments- Returns and insights- are not user friendly. 

When I export a return report as a .csv or pdf, it shows me items but many of the shipping cost fields are $0.00 which is incorrect. I can not simply export a CSV and have excel add the total costs due to the fields being blank.

In order to get return costs i must go to the top shipment tab then go to the side bar tab for returns and manually go line by line with a calculator in hand and add the total from each line.

This should be a simple number I can see for my insights. How many return labels created and what the total cost was. Simple easy, shouldn't not be a feature.

Second. From the shipments page and returns tab there is no sort feature when i can simply set it for a single month. It's just a long running list and does not give the user the option to easily zone in and find a return.