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Status: Under Review
Is there a way to create batches of labels on the mobile app vs. creating one by one? It would be convenient if we can ship orders in batches off our mobile app.
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This is an important feature request for my business as well. I'm printing available orders 2-3 times a day and the process is pretty routine already with the automations in place. It's the tab opening, signing in, and ultimately printing that is a bit repetitive. My computer isn't in the same place as the fulfillment area or near the printer so having a way to print all imported orders would be really helpful.
Status changed to: Under Review

i agree this would help massively as we get multiple orders of the same product. so when im in the warehouse packing our orders i can just print multiple labels keeping my workflow, instead of having to go in the office and do it on the desktop. 


Has this been resolved? I've been waiting for a couple of years for this option to exist. Thanks!

Hey there @TigerEdge


I do not have any updates on Batches in the mobile app at this time. However, if and when I hear any news, i'll surely update you here 🙂 

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Any updates yet? 😀

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After reading this thread I was willing to bite the bullet and print 50 orders individually if that’s what I needed to do to get it done today, but then quickly found that the app requires a desktop login to reload shipping funds. How is the ShipStation so far behind on this? Might be time to switch to another company.