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Status: Completed

The one thing I really wanted you didn't add to the new version: A DUPLICATE button for Automation Rules. If I have a rule with 20 different attributes and want to adjust it for a different status (like just change the weight and that's it), I have to RECREATE THE ENTIRE RULE FROM SCRATCH. That's ridiculous. You know how long that takes if you use this feature a lot? I have about 50 of them and every time I need to create a new set, I dread it because you don't have a simple way to (1) select a current rule (2) select DUPLICATE (3) change the ONE LITTLE ITEM I want to change and then (4) Name it and Save it. But no, I have to recreate it from scratch. And what's even worse -- I can't have the old one open to LOOK AT IT at the same time I'm creating the new one, so I have to TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF IT and have it up while I'm making the new one. That is just a ridiculous User Interface. Please fix that and add a DUPLICATE button. Thank you in advance! I'll just be over here slaving over Automation Rules while you work on that... 




Wow...I pitty what you're dealing with.

Yes, I agree....a Duplicate button would be fantastic.

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Agreed, This would be a nice feature.


Another vote for Duplicate/Copy Automation Rule, just like Order Filters has a "Copy" button.


Next step, Batch edit criteria and actions

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Great feature suggestion. And should be easy to implement as a feature.  It has my vote.

Status changed to: Completed

Hello there Community!

I am thrilled to announce that we can now COPY automation rules! From the three dot options at the end of the row of each rule, you will see that COPY is now one of those options! 

Happy shipping!