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Would be great if you could set up more return exclusions other than the number of days a customer can return. For example exclude certain items from being able to be returned.


Hey there @User12345


Totally see what you mean by having more exclusion options for returns. The good news is, the one you mentioned specifically, is in fact available! 


If you navigate to the individual product in the PRODUCTS tab, and open the product details window, you'll see that there is an option for "Is returnable" available with a checkbox. In case you are a visual person like myself, THIS is what to look for when you open that product details window. 


I hope this helps! 

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@Moderator-Davis Thank you for your reply, I found the setting you mentioned. May I ask if there are any other return exclusion options or customisations I have missed? As another example if certain products attract a re stocking fee to have an option to add this deduction from the return. I'm also new to Shipstation but I am assuming you can also deduct the cost of the label from the return value?

Great questions @User12345


At this time, our returns functionality does not include things like "add restocking fee" or similar charge or inventory additions. I definitely see the reasoning behind this desire though! With this in mind, I have moved this post over to our ideas section so that other terrific community members can vote on and include their returns ideas for the product team to review for potential implementation in the future! 


In the meantime, you can absolutely check out these articles from our Knowledge Base about Return Labels and our Branded Returns Portal


I hope these help out 🙂 

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Having only one option for the returns portal isn't a very cost-saving option for businesses. It may be easy for the customer, but the costs of shipping are only going up these days. Rather than trying to give the customer all kinds of options, why not just have the return shipment method default to the carrier that it was originally shipped by?

So, if the package was shipped to the customer UPS, then the return label would be UPS. If it was FedEx, then the return label would be FedEx. Shipstation already has this information so, it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to use the ground option of the original carrier as the default for the return label.


It would be nice if we could customize the reasons dropdown and/or have text boxes instead to allow the customer to provide more details as far as the reasons for return.  As others have mentioned, it would be nice to not automatically approve the return when certain selections are made and require it to be a manual process for us to issue them a label via email in those cases.

Some of the options don't really apply to us, so it would be great to remove those options at the minimum.  We are a clothing manufacturer, so it would be nice to have options about did not fit, etc.