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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Love the branded returns page, however we'd like to have the option to customize more to our liking. 1. Allow us to modify and change reasons for return 2. When reason of return is "Other" have a notes field for customer to enter details of return 3. Ability to disable certain products from being allowed to be returned
Occasional Contributor

I have the same problem. Normally, when shipping via UPS WorldShip software, I would schedule a pickup for the return. So the customer doesn't have to deal with how to get the packge to the UPS store. I really wish that there were more return options in ShipStation.

New Contributor

I just asked support about this same thing and they said to submit an idea for it so I went here and found the same request for customization of return reasons, restricting non-returnable products, etc. THIS IS FROM 2017! How in 5 years are we not able to implement something so basic as, at least, allowing merchants to set their own return reasons????