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Suggestion: Don't disable order auto-importing from a sales channel if it's update fails once. Currently if an update fails once--such as a temporary website maintenance downtime--it is disabled forever until you manually refresh.


To make this worse, there is no visible warning or notice shown on the regular dashboard view when a sales channel fails to auto-update! (You have to hover over the refresh icon in the upper right to see any warning about a failed update.)


Several times the combination of these two issues has led to me not seeing new orders from a source until I realize there is a problem a couple days later--resulting in late shipments. I've reported the issue to support and suggested the below fix simple fixes several times over the past years.


This could be fixed simply:

  1. Don't disable order auto importing without asking me, even if it fails once it should resume trying to auto-update the next hour.
  2. If a sales channel has failed to update, put a warning icon where it is visible on the dashboard, such as on the left sidebar that lists your sales channels.