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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
A lot of our shipments are multi-package shipments. So when we enter the screen to add packages, it asks us to enter the weight and dimensions of each package. You have solved the problem for multi-package products. However, if it is a long list of different products, we still need to enter the dimensions and weight of each package. As you cannot save a profile of an odd order with many different products. I wonder if it is possible to instead of entering this data, to simply choose the item with a drop menu out of the data base. This would save a lot of time and reduce the room for human errors. We have all the items uploaded, so it would be a lot easier to just select out of the list instead of typing this info in.
First-timer (legacy)
First-timer (legacy)
This would be a GREAT feature. Considering that this was suggested over a year ago, I hope it would be an option that will be implemented soon and not lost in the backlog. Being a software developer, I believe this shouldn't be a huge change programatically, since the code already exists on the main order screen and the endpoints should already be in place. Please can this be implemented soon. It would save on a lot of time, considering we have already entered these package type dimensions, it doesn't make sense to have to enter them again, and again, and again.
First-timer (legacy)
Yup, would save a lot of time
First-timer (legacy)
In ShipStation v3, when you use the "Create another shipment", ShipStation duplicate the original order WITHOUT duplicating the Order/shipment items and show "This shipment has no items". The problems is unproductive, because our average order have 50-100 lines of items and our API need items/qty to manage the multiple-shipment order. So because ShipStation team take the duplication order approach in v3 (multi-package), we think is a good reason to increase the duplication capability to Order/shipment items. If this function was not corrected, we have no choice to reevaluate ou business position and close our subscription with ShipSatation in the future.
Occasional Contributor
Shipping Easy has this feature for FREE. We need this feature in this PREMIUM PAID PRODUCT!!!!
First-timer (legacy)
This concept of speeding up the entry of multiple packages for an order has been suggested in different forms several times. It's really surprising that you guys haven't done something on this for over 4 years since this was suggested. Our scenario is quite similar: we will sell 2-4 items on an order regularly, but they won't be boxed together. Each item becomes a package, so it's just crazy to manually add packages and retype the dims and weight. There are too many combinations to reasonably use saved Package Sets. The suggestion here is a great fix that leaves some flexibility. Even better for time saving would be an Automation rule where multi-item orders get set up as multi-package, default to one package for each item (using the defined dims and weight from Products definition). But whatever form a solution takes, DO SOMETHING TO HELP SPEED THIS UP ASAP PLEASE!!!
Status changed to: Investigating