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Hello developers. Most of our customers submit orders using a purchasing department with terms. This purchasing department needs to know that it was processed, fulfilled, and shipped. Also, the person requesting the order needs to be notified. Then, their receiving department needs to be notified so that they are anticipating the order. Last, their Accounts payable department needs to know when it was delivered so they can pay. 
There needs to be up to 4 email addresses that must be notified of the ship station email that's sent out when printing a label and then delivered. Could we please be allowed to add these emails to the contact area so we can add as many people as necessary who must receive notification of these shipments? This is a manual process right now, as I am forwarding notifications to each person individually (a huge reason we use shipstation is for the automation). 
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Use a , to separate the email addresses just like in outlook and you can send the email notification to multipal email addresses.