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First-timer (legacy)
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I would like to have a way to export large numbers of tracking numbers in the shipment export feature so that they have links embedded in each tracking number. This would be especially helpful when sending tracking to customers who have ordered hundreds of shipments at once. Cutting and pasting each individual one from the order details page is too painful.
Status changed to: No status

I was just on support with this issue. I will use the legacy layout until it croaks because of this one feature. The new layout allows you to export a large batch of tracking numbers BUT it does not transfer the hyperlinks with them. We send bulk tracking to our customers via a spreadsheet and the legacy layout would allow us to copy and paste right from shipstation to a spreadsheet. The new layout pastes everything into one cell. If you export it, it does not have the hyperlinks. This is a HUGE feature that must be added for those who sending bulk tracking to their customers.