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With the new Split Ship features rolling out, sending out orders with multiple shipments is getting easier and easier.


However, the one thing that is still holding these new features back is the inability to create and print all the labels at once in the Order Details window.


You have a multiple shipment order, you split everything up into their respective shipments and apply a profile to each of them. It would make sense to be able to press a button to create and print each of these labels at once, right?


Instead we either have to create and print each label one by one, or we have to close the window and select each shipment individually before creating labels. In some cases, creating the new shipments will place them at the bottom of your queue separate from the rest of the shipments contained in your order.


The implementation of this feature will not only save significant time for shippers who process large, multi-shipment orders, but will also keep the shipments better organized as everything you are currently processing stays tied neatly together in the same window.