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We use the manual order function to process phone orders and orders that are placed outside our online storefront. When we imported our products into Shipstation, we also provided the list price of our products for the customs value. Having to bounce between our storefront site and Shipstation when taking these orders is cumbersome, especially when the autocomplete search function in Shipstation works so much faster than our own storefront for finding items by SKU or description.


It would be great to have either the customs value populate the price field, or have an actual price column added to the product import template that would also populate this field so that we're not having to do double work. I would much rather have to modify a price that is automatically populated, than have to search twice for every single product going on an order.

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I completely agree.  For a  software as multi-featured and functional as ship station.  Not being able to do this is a significant problem.  Imagine a company that receives many orders that must be entered manually with multiple items with different prices.  Since the data already exists in the customs valuation why not allow the software to bring in that data when the sku is entered.