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While on the Orders page, in the past, we used to be able to use the arrows on our keyboard to go down each order while the Sidebar stayed locked to a certain place in the order details. In this case, I used to keep the Sidebar on the "Recipient" section down below to show the customer's address, then use the arrows on my keyboard to quickly scroll through all of my customer's addresses with one button to fix any issues to prevent errors while purchasing labels in bulk. 

Now, when I try to move down through each customer on my keyboard with the arrow on my keyboard, the Sidebar takes me back to "Shipping", which is at the very top of the order details section. I have to hover my mouse over the Sidebar section of the screen and manually scroll down to the "Recipient" section for each order. 

Something that used to take 1 second now takes 5. It's not a big deal, but it does add more time to our process of verifying addresses before purchasing postage. ShipStation support has confirmed that freezing the Sidebar has been removed. If that is true, re-adding this function should be relatively fast and cheap to do. It was a real time saver. Thanks!