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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Working with third party suppliers who are fulfilling orders for us we need the ability to hide the unit $ and the total $.
First-timer (legacy)
Hey @LAL Lost Art Liquids, if it's not covered already, please add your business challenges here so we can continue to learn more about the goals you're trying to achieve by hiding unit prices and order totals.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! We really need this option to be available when adding a user in our team. Eatheir have that option in the main user settings or to be able to create an automation rule and have that as an option when creating a rule. Please implement that as soon as you can!!
New Contributor
This is also important for us if we would want to implement ShipStation for our parent company on an enterprise basis. Its fine for our smaller B2C divisions where it is currently in use, however, for the parent OEM company end users can't be allowed to see the pricing extended to our large commercial, industrial and gov customers.
First-timer (legacy)
We have tried every possible work around to keep using shipstation and fix this problem that doesn't let us remove pricing on orders. Much of shipstation seems geared towards allowing us to pull in others to use the software too and ship from their location, yet the most basic feature of stripping out the cost of product is overlooked. It's industry standard to allow not putting pricing on a packing slip, so this should be no different. I don't even know why shipstation HAS product pricing. Everyone uses a different site or program to actually place orders right? Shipstation really has no purpose other than for customs declarations, to even have product pricing imported. Thanks!
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Adding a restriction to hide product & total prices would be extremely beneficial. Currently, we have to directly email our other fulfillment facility with all of the orders we need to ship out from their location. My hope for using ShipStation was to add a second user for them so they could just login and view all of their shipments, and move away from us having to email them everyday with orders. But since we don't want them to see the unit & total pricings, we will have to keep sending daily emails unfortunately.
Status changed to: Under Review
New Contributor

Hope this issue has been resolved years later. Because it would be really beneficial to have this option in permissions.