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Status: Completed
Right now, we need to look up an order in a custom order management system, then look it up in Shipstation. I'd like to create a workflow where we can look up the order in the first system, then just click a link to go directly to the order page in Shipstation. So basically, I'd like to link directly to a Shipstation order page. However, each order page loads in a modal window so orders aren't given a direct URL. I'd like to simply have a shipsation URL where I can pass in an order id and have that page pull up that order in Shipstation. SUPER SIMPLE ENDPOINT, but huge value in constructing workflows that make sense.
First-timer (legacy)
Shipstation I want to start off by saying I love your software you by far have the best order management and shipping platform I have tested, and man have I tested A lot. I have finally found the equivalent to your software in the quality control scan to pack category (Groovepacker). The only thing lacking is a more native connection between you both. This can easily be fixed if you can provide a direct URL to the order. So instead of being stuck linking to It needs one extra step and link directly to the order number like so.,, If you can please do this it will eliminate my search for a perfect solution that would take care of order management, shipping, and simplistic but so effective scan to pack quality control. If you are willing to quote me a price to implement I would be willing to help as much as possible. This is how badly the current need is in our warehouse. I live near you and you guys came to visit me before and we shared a lot of good feed back. I would absolutely love if you could squeeze this in. Please Please please. If its easier an API call to the Order directly would work, but a direct URL link is Ideal.
First-timer (legacy)
Such an addition to your platform would greatly benefit our Slack and Trello integration of Shipstation. Please help us use your platform more efficiently ! Give more power to the user and people will flock to this platforn
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'+3... Would be extremely helpful when interfacing with custom customer service tools such as Atlassian Service Desk.
First-timer (legacy)
ShipStation -- can you provide an update on this?
First-timer (legacy)
Would like to see this. Almost 1 year from when this was marked as started. Love certain things about Ship Station, but you guys seriously need to communicate better with your customers. There is no central place to get informed on new updates, features, change logs. Extremely frustrating from the customer end and so simple to solve...
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How is this still not a feature?
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There are multiple threads requesting this and SS said it was coming in V3 over a year ago. Is this now available? Why isn't anyone responding to this?