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Status: New
If there was a way to easily identify repeat customers like coloring the name or something so I can see how many times they have ordered.
Also -- on the drop down for the rates, it would be handy just to see the prices on the side instead of clicking to wait to generate. I always bounce between USPS Priority, USPS Ground, and UPS Ground, and UPS Ground saver. So if it just showed the price by them when I click the drop down, it would save me sooo much time.
Also with ground saver, I am unable to batch print. I am only able to print one at a time
Occasional Contributor

I agree, it would be nice to be able to identify repeat customers without having to manually add a tag to the customer profile. It seems like this should be a criteria that could be added to automation rules. 

New Contributor

Hopefully would like to see a way where subscription programs like Yotpo can have scheduled line items.