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What a ridiculous arrangement. Paying for LTL freight services thru They are incompetent and unreachable. I spent 3 hours plus today working with my bank, shipstation (who frankly adds nothing to this party), and Seko logistics (the only helpful party in this whole fiasco). Trying to get our account with taken off a security hold. which has stopped our shipping for 3 days now. After being on hold withe for 1hr 30 mins - I was able to reach a "general" agent on another phone only to be told. Oh that division (the only one that can take the hold off even though they can see we have thousands of dollars in the account) are in a company wide meeting. Please call back later today or tomorrow. Unacceptable - what a waste of timne. And not the first problem or time suck we have experienced getting this LTL shipping with Seko up and running. That being said, I plan to work directly on a solution with Seko and will do our LTL shipping off line. They have been totally helpful and responsive and show they care about their customer relationships. Shipstation needs to find a better solution quickly or our business (which has been wth Ship Station for years - will be a thing of the past. Venting. But serious. FIX THIS.