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Section in question: Configure Shipment > Package > "+"


In the old version of Ship Station, we had the functionality to name individual packages via a test field. We used this functionality on multiple parcel/ multiple SKU shipments to specify which specific SKUs would be in each package for our Fulfillment team. This allowed us to better track and ID missing parcels and SKUs with a given carrier.


In V3 of the new Ship Station, the text box has been removed entirely and the lead package is locked in as "Package 1" followed by "Package 2", and so on. 


Please confirm if this customization field was intended to be removed or if it will return in future versions.


Thank you.


-Kade B. 


Hi there @WisdomProteins!


I followed up with my team and found that there are currently no plans to add this into the new version.


With that in mind, we will continue to keep track of these requests as they come in to fully understand the business challenge around not having this option as we continue to move forward.

Status changed to: New