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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
First, I would be appreicated your service! I've been downloading "Order-Dara Export" from the order. But I also would be nice if I can see "Currency" there. When I get GBP 54.66 order, I was able to see as USD 54.66. Hope to be added Currency tab for international orders and stores. Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
So, when we will get this update? it is an issue
First-timer (legacy)
Hi @Michael, Thanks for checking in on this one. We are still interested in this idea - at this time we do not have a timeline to provide and it currently is not on our immediate roadmap. However, we’d like to keep this post open to get additional feedback.
New Contributor
We just got burnt on this shipping to Mexico via UPS. How can you not understand the problem Even just allowing tagged orders to adjust the cost/shipping changes by a predefined factor i.e. the exchange rate, e.g. MEX$900 would be adjusted to 900*0.053 = USD$47.70 on the paperwork.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be great if we can change the currency of Amazon Mexico orders that get imported into shipstation. Right now we get orders in dollars and it would be good if we received them in the actual currency (Mexican Pesos)
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, It would be nice to have currency conversion as an option especially with Amazon Mexico and Amazon Canada. When orders are imported in from these 2 marketplaces maybe shipstation can do an automatic currency conversion. In the marketplace settings for those channels it would be awesome if there was a checkbox for this. I'm assuming it would use the time the order was placed and the value to determine the right value after conversion, because the value of the different currencies fluctuates quite frequently. I'm not an expert but it would be nice to have the option because I have to convert the value of the order then update the customs value when shipping internationally. It also helps with accounting and having a general overview of what our sales look like. ❤️ to whoever reads this <3 Regards, Brandon
First-timer (legacy)
One more post wildly in favor for a basic foreign currency to USD conversion option.
First-timer (legacy)
Currency should be shown, our company does not need currency conversion we just would like to see the currency shown and applied to commercial invoices.
Occasional Contributor
We ship to several countries in some volume. When the item is sold, it is sold in that countries' currency. Then, when we ship it, the declared value is also in that countries' currency, but shown in USD. This costs us many dollars of unnecessary duties and taxes upon import into that country. We'd like to be able to set a modifier. Example: On, set item price x .65 for the USD customs value.
First-timer (legacy)
I would really like it if I could choose a default currency that matches that of the store (not necessarily where the business is located.) We are a business based in Canada, but our online store is operating in USD entirely. I recently found out that the customs information generated by ShipStation is in CAD, while the original orders that are imported from Shopify is in USD. So if we sell something at $100USD, we are shipping the products with customs declaration for $100CAD while the transaction value in CAD would be about $130 in reality. We actually got in trouble for that. There seems to be no way around it other than switching my entire store to CAD or manually changing the customs value for every single item to that of the current conversion. Both ideas are unrealistic.
First-timer (legacy)
I am also experiencing customer issues resulting from the lack of currency support. Please add currency support for the commercial invoices.