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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
First, I would be appreicated your service! I've been downloading "Order-Dara Export" from the order. But I also would be nice if I can see "Currency" there. When I get GBP 54.66 order, I was able to see as USD 54.66. Hope to be added Currency tab for international orders and stores. Thanks.
Status changed to: Planned
Community Manager
Community Manager
Occasional Contributor

When I joined SS the sales rep promised me it will be fixed in January 2022. It seems blatantly lied to me to get me on board... how can such a feature not been implemented since 2013? That's ridiculous.

Occasional Contributor

To: Super Mgr-Sarah


Your message says this issue has been changed to "Planned". Exactly what does that mean?


We are yet another non-USA company that can't legitimately ship to 90% of our customers from Canada to USA because the new layout has a $CAD designation on pricing. The old layout doesn't provide us with customs docs and a field for a federal tax ID. That tax ID is required for all shipments over $800 US which is probably half of our shipments.


Less money could be spent on tech support if your programmers fixed the problems. Then everyone would be happy.