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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
First, I would be appreicated your service! I've been downloading "Order-Dara Export" from the order. But I also would be nice if I can see "Currency" there. When I get GBP 54.66 order, I was able to see as USD 54.66. Hope to be added Currency tab for international orders and stores. Thanks.
Status changed to: Planned
Occasional Contributor

When I joined SS the sales rep promised me it will be fixed in January 2022. It seems blatantly lied to me to get me on board... how can such a feature not been implemented since 2013? That's ridiculous.


To: Super Mgr-Sarah


Your message says this issue has been changed to "Planned". Exactly what does that mean?


We are yet another non-USA company that can't legitimately ship to 90% of our customers from Canada to USA because the new layout has a $CAD designation on pricing. The old layout doesn't provide us with customs docs and a field for a federal tax ID. That tax ID is required for all shipments over $800 US which is probably half of our shipments.


Less money could be spent on tech support if your programmers fixed the problems. Then everyone would be happy.

New Contributor

Bumping this just to see if shipstation has any plans to implement multi-currency support for custom declarations. We are shipping from canada to US but all of our orders are in USD.