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Basically, the feature I need is a way to add some sort of control to a listed item (i.e. button) so that, when clicked, it will automatically update the Harmonization Code (HC) for the item. 


Harmonization Code automationHarmonization Code automation


Upon clicking this "button", I need to send a message to an API that will return the HC for the item. This API is from a 3rd party that we are in discussion with. The assure us that, given an item's description, they can supply the correct HC for the item.

Upon receiving this HC, we should be able to send a message to ShipStation's Update Product API with the HC to set on the field.  My main question is the one on the subject line and if so,  how do we go about making this happen. Lastly, how can these request be added to the control's "onclick" function?