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Resharing the idea a user posted in 2016 because it is still relevant today. It would help tremendously in preventing the mishandling of orders needing expedited shipping. We need and would love the ability to lock the shipping service for certain orders. I can see two situations where this would be very helpful. 1) When a shipping service was requested by the customer. I know that the requested shipping is labeled at the top of the Shipping Info widget but sometimes our shipping team gets shipping fast and will just choose the cheapest shipping without checking the requested ship method. The shipping service will map in correctly but our team will make a mistake and change it without realizing it. 2) We have customer call in a request to expedite their shipping. Our customer service team will change the shipping to be expedited but the requested shipping will still say Economy shipping. So our shipping team will just choose the cheapest shipping method. Which might not be the priority shipping.
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