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Status: Investigating
We would like to lock packers via admin setting to a warehouse location so that packer will not have to constantly use a drop down menu on order detail page to choose his location. This feature should be beneficial to any SS user where there is more than 1 warehouse. I.e. David the packer is located in NY, so upon creation of his account by admin we will choose a default warehouse for David - Warehouse NY. Then anytime David will be logged into the system "Ship From" location will be preselected and locked for David. If David moves to CA then all admin has to do is change the default warehouse location for David. Alternatively, SS may provide as an option to SS admins to enable an option for admins to choose default warehouse.
New Contributor
Any development on this front yet? It makes total sense to me that each user should be able to have a default Ships From location assigned. And would prevent related errors calculating shipping costs and/or with end of day reports by location.
First-timer (legacy)
Hello @ShipStation I can not believe this is still not implemented yet, we should be able to assign "ship from" locations based on user login. People moving to another solutions due to lack of the feature. Here is the feature descriptions from your competitor: "Shippers that have multiple user log-ins, can assign unique 'Ship From' addresses for each user. This ensures that the correct warehouse is automatically assigned, based on which individual or work station is processing a package." Please implement it, it will be so valuable
First-timer (legacy)
We would like to have the default shipping location assigned by who is logged in. We have a user for each of our locations and we have to change the ship to address with every order for the other locations that aren't the main shipping location. This should be a very easy fix.
First-timer (legacy)
We have 2 shipping locations - we need a way to be able to login with 2 different usernames (based on the location we are in) and the "ship from" and "bill to" fields automatically set correctly based on the username. Seems like an elementary thing to have multi-site support so that we don't have to make manual changes every time we want to ship from a different location.