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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
It would be very handy to be able to manually add a new customer without having to import a CSV file. That way the customer's information can easily be accessed and looked up when they are placing an order in the future. In addition, this would allow return shipping labels to created for items that need to come to us before being shipped back to the customer. For example, in a situation where they are sending an item to us for repair/customization/modification/etc.
First-timer (legacy)
Agree.... just tried to post the same. I am a MAC and iCloud user. I don't use CSV files. The customer section should be as simple as an address book in your smartphone. To add a customer should be liked adding a contact. Why in the world do I need to create a .CSV file to add an address for a company I ship to very often. Its an Amazon FBA warehouse. FBA warehouse does not stay in customer list after you ship to them
First-timer (legacy)
Second that. There are at least three similar requests and I have commented in agreement on those posts. This should not even be an ask. The customer section is small here so you can find the same complaint/ask for this to be a feature on those as well. On the front page: "Our shipping software allows you to automate nearly every task associated with eCommerce fulfillment, order management, and shipping – saving your business countless hours by helping you get ship done!" Manually creating and uploading a CSV file to get one or two customers created is not automation and takes more time and effort than it would be to just manually create and or edit a customer record. Still trying to make sense of the logic here - I am new to ShipStation and this method of customer record creation/updates escapes me. Totally opposite of industry standards of a CrUD operation (Create, Update, Delete). Typically you only upload a file when you need a batch type or a lot of updates in a single transaction.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, why isn't this an option? It seems to be a pretty standard thing that businesses would need to be able to do (manually add customers to their shipping platform).
First-timer (legacy)
Agree - Manually adding a customer would be super helpful, and should be super easy. Thanks!
Any update on this request? In the same way we can insert a New Order, I'd assume your devs can create a new form to allow for inserting new Contact info.
First-timer (legacy)
This needs to be done
First-timer (legacy)
Hi - I REALLY need to be able to add a new customer WITHOUT a unique email address or having a create a new order, quickly and manually. It's amazing to me that there's no option for an address book or something like that to quickly access addresses for printing labels. This is a shipping service. You're making users jump through unnecessary hoops to do the simplest task. When I want to ship to someone who isn't yet in my customer list, I have to re-enter their address and info every time. I should be able to just create a customer record for them, so I can go back and access it just like I would a customer who is imported from a CSV file, or from my web store. PLEASE PRIORITIZE THIS SIMPLE ADD-ON. Thanks for your time!
First-timer (legacy)
Automatically saving customer address, Currently it is done through csv file, but when it can be done easily through shipstation, why go with import and export of csv, you have a nice feature of "Paste USA address", where we paste address, and your system makes it proper address, please add a button save customer for future shipment, and remove this import and export CSV customer file.
Its 2021 and we still can't do this easy process.
First-timer (legacy)
It has been very frustrating for me that when I get a new customer I am unable to just enter their information into my customer database on my Shipstation website. Instead I have to import them which is complicated when it should be a simple process. It is also a a real hassle that I can't edit or modify an existing customer. That makes no sense to me... why? I have never had such a problem with any shipping website like Fedex or UPS. It seems like this should be a basic feature of any shipping website.