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First-timer (legacy)
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In the Orders view, there are Columns options that don't appear as Filters options, and it would be helpful to have them available. One filtering option in particular that would be useful for me would be filtering orders by Ship Date. I'm sure there are a few other fields missing from the filters section that people would find helpful too. Currently, I can get the information I need if I export the orders in excel and then sort by ship date and remove all of the excess info, but it'd be more efficient if I could isolate the data I need before exporting. I think this would add a lot of power to the filtering option.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi We are experiencing and issue with Northern Ireland shipments too, but have created a filter for all postcodes starting with 'BT'. Perhaps you could try to set up a filter to remove them from one view and see them all together in another view. We have started to see customs labels being printed, but the wrong information is being populated, so have raised a support case about this.
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I've had this set up to give a flag whenever the postcode begins with BT for some time as our parcels to NI don't go with the same courier, serves the same purpose as filtering but yes another easy option.
The option to exclude certain tags when you are sorting orders. Some orders may include some of the same tags but you may want only the orders with one single tag on them.
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need this too
First-timer (legacy)
We can create a filter based on nearly everything in an order, except item description. Why is that? Either create that ability or add the description to be part of the item name field.
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you can use them when you create saved filters, but the filters don't work accurately in V3, you have to use the legacy interface. SS - please update V3 to work correctly with advanced filters! kind of embarrassing that it doesn't already.
First-timer (legacy)
Guys please provide this functionality soon
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