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First-timer (legacy)
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The vast majority of our orders require more than one box and therefore have to be manually fulfilled. DPD support multi package shipping so please add this to the UK integration
Occasional Contributor
2017 and still no movement. Are there any plans to make the multi-parcel shipments an option on Fedex UK? It's disappointing that this isn't possible on either Parcelforce or Fedex on Shipstation and makes shipstation much less appealing longer term as much of our shipments are still having to be setup manually.
Occasional Contributor
Yes please - we need this for DPD Local.
We regularly ship multiple parcels to Europe via ParcelForce yet it doesn't give us the option to add Multiple Parcels to one shipment for international orders. This would be SUCH a time saver if we can do this, I can't see why we can do this for domestic parcels and not international..
New Contributor
It would be great if this could be enabled as since Brexit it's a very necessary option. Split shipments incur extra charges. The functionality is there within the DPD API. Thanks
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