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We often have orders come in that require multiple boxes of different sizes.  It would be so nice to be able to choose our box size for each package, rather than having to enter the dimensions for each box.  I know there is a feature where we can add multiple boxes of different sizes to a "set" to use as a base, and that would be helpful if most of our orders used the same number of the same size boxes, but because each order is unique it isn't practical to try to predict all the different size and number combinations that would be necessary to make that feature useful.  

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New Contributor

Totally agree. This is a Must needed function. Dimensional Weight is killing us - and putting in for each order the invidual box sizes is extremely Time Consuming. 

Especially the way the need to be put in. 


Each customer should be able to fill a pull-down table with (only) the box sizes they use for quick and simple selection. 


Thank You.