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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We handle quite a few manual orders where one client will order for multiple locations. It would be nice if multiple locations could be tied to the same email address. Right now, it just keeps the last order used by that email in the customer records so we have to manually type the address each time. Either that or being able to save customer shipping information using something other than an email address (phone # maybe???) to keep it saved in the system.
First-timer (legacy)
In addition to tysonmiller's suggestion - we do a lot of B2B manual orders, and blind ship things everyday. As such, we have multiple persons (name) ordering stuff from us to be shipped to the same commercial address (office buildings), with our central inbox email associated with the manual order. Shipstation's Customer records will just overwrite any previous records that had this identical email address & ship-to address, despite having different unique recipient names entered. Why cant customer records be based on a multitude of form fields like Address, Email, AND Recipient name? This would prevent our customer records from being overwritten (Despite having a different recipient name!) when we ship to "Karen" instead of "Roger" to the same company & address that we do business with?! This is slowing our production team down & allowing for greater user-error when having to manually enter in order information for manual orders.
First-timer (legacy)
This feature would be very valuable to us as well. Please implement.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, we need a way to edit customer records for manual orders.
If you've made it here, TODAY is 11/28/2017. I've been working with SS on this very topic for over an hour now. I found a workaround that does in fact work (not reliable as sometimes this process I'll share with you will break). RESULT: you can ship to multiple locations using the same customer email address. When you want to ship to the customer/receiving party that has multiple locations, but uses 1 email address to receive tracking, you can do so now, but again, this on occasion (as of today) will break. We can only hope SS engineers resolve this limitation of the system. SOLUTION: click "Customers" tab, click "Import", download the "Sample CSV file". Input all your customer information. If they have 3 locations, this is 3 rows of information. ALL will have the same email address. What you need to make different besides the obvious address of location, is the USERNAME fields, make these different. For example, this customer in this example has 3 locations, I put customer's name and store address # (so it says JohnDoe_1234). I went a bit further, and I actually put the location name & # behind the customer's last name in that CSV file. So it said "Doe - Los Angeles 1234". NOW IT WORKS. But on occasion, for an unknown reason, it can work a week, a month, but as of today, some how it will remove one of these customer records and duplicate another record but have 1 difference to it...the user name. Bizarre, but it is a workaround that works today. Cheers.
First-timer (legacy)
Pretty crazy how they do not use a unique ID for a customer to allow shipping to different addresses with the same email. B2B same issue. Major down fall.
First-timer (legacy)
This is a big issue for us dropshippers....Please fix asap.
First-timer (legacy)
This feature is absolutely neccesary for anyone using Shipstation for B2B shipments. Please implement this! I'm seeing nearly 3.5 years of people requesting this, could we please get an update?
First-timer (legacy)
Need this feature!!!
First-timer (legacy)
I need the same functionality. Please add this - as well as ability to EDIT customer information!
Status changed to: Under Review