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There needs to be an option available to save more than one credit card for payment of the shipping. We ship orders for multiple entities with our account. When it comes time to add funds to our account, we have only 1 payment option for doing that. It'd be nice to have 2 or 3 credit cards saved for our account. When funds need to be added, we can process the shipment to determine the shipping charges and choose which card we'd use to pay for that shipping amount. Our card statements would then match our books for shipping expenses for each entity. 

It would also be nice to have the option of adding a bank account or 2, and providing us with option of choosing which bank account so the funds could be directly drafted from that account for the shipping charges. No credit card fees. 

New Contributor

I would like the option to add multiple payment methods and assign then to selling channels too.

New Contributor

I fully agree, this is a much needed feature. We have two different businesses each with their own accounting that we do. Being able to assign a payment method to a sales channel is a critical must have feature for us.


100% agree. We are unable to scale up with the more stores we add to our existing Shipstation account. One company credit card on file for USPS shipping and the more stores, the more charges and the more issues with hitting corporate P-card limits.