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Our company just switch to the new shipstation layout. We did not want to switch because we ship with the USPS a lot and need to split single product orders all the time. With the old layout we would just look for the split button option and split the order as many times as we needed. Now it is not possible. You either have to have an order with several items on the order or ship with either FedEx, UPS or DHL.

We take advantage of the USPS Priority Mail Flat rates and sometimes split orders in two or tree shipments. We ship very heavy items that if shipped via FedEx, it would too expensive.


We need to be able to copy the order identical or split it with just a button. 

The new system does not work.


We now need to make a new manual order or print the USPS label on the order and come back to the same order and print another label. That is time consuming. 


Please bring the split order button back.




Al Lopez