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Status: New

New to the system but have a custom store developed and running.


Came across one snag,  when an order is imported it is, by default, imported as a single package shipment.   We already know the number of packages before import and have this value set in one of the custom fields in the xml.  There isnt an automation rule to use this number to create the number of packages they have to be created again by the operator.


It could do with either a field adding into the xml for number of packages or a new automation rule on import to create number of packages based on a custom field value? 

New Contributor

Having worked with this further this is a major flaw in the system.   It renders custom stores unworkable.

On a custom integration where package information already exists (ie parcel 1 weighs X and has X products in) it cant then be passed to shipstation to autofill the package information via the xml feed.


The only way to get this to work is to manually re-enter the package information into shipstation.  Even if using the scan facility entering number of packlages is cumbersome for a picker to do.  


Having timed our current method where consignment address's are manually copied into a courier vs shipstation where we have to re-enter package information,  Shipstation is 6 times slower per consignment.


There is simply no way to influence the number of packages per shipment when importing or post importing.



Status changed to: New

Furniture company here – also in need of this feature. The vast majority of our products ship in 4+ boxes which we have custom Package Sets created for, but needing to select them manually every time is incredibly time-intensive and not practical for our order volume.


If Package Set automation is not possible for whatever reason, being able to Bulk Update for Package Sets would be the next best option. But again, only singular boxes are able to be chosen for the Bulk Update feature.

Please please add either Package Set automation (by product type) or the ability to choose Package Sets using the Bulk Update tool!